Dr. Musa Suliman Alfaifi

Leader of Medical Toxicology Foundation Group and Founder, Saudi Board of Medical Toxicology Director and Founder of Toxicology Service, Armed Force Hospital Southern Region (Saudi Arabia)

Dr. Musa Alfaifi is a distinguished medical professional recognized for his pioneering contributions to the field of medical toxicology and emergency medicine in Saudi Arabia. He is the founder of the Saudi Medical Toxicology Fellowship Program, which has significantly advanced the specialty within the country. Dr. Alfaifi also established the Toxicology Service in the southern region under the Ministry of Health, showcasing his leadership and innovative approach in healthcare.

In addition to his foundational work in medical toxicology, Dr. Alfaifi serves as the Director and Founder of the Toxicology Service at the Armed Force Hospital in the Southern Region. His expertise is further highlighted through his role as an Emergency and Medical Toxicology Consultant at the Armed Forces Hospital Southern Region (AFHSR).

Demonstrating a commitment to the advancement of emergency medicine, Dr. Alfaifi is the Program Director of Emergency Medicine at the Armed Force Hospital in Southern Region, Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia. He also founded the Saudi Board of Emergency Medicine Program and the Emergency Medicine Diploma in the Southern Region, both instrumental in shaping emergency medical services and education in the area.

Dr. Alfaifi's visionary leadership and dedication have been pivotal in establishing and developing key medical programs, significantly contributing to the growth and excellence of medical services in Saudi Arabia.