Dr. Najla Khoja

Clinical Toxicologist and Executive Director, Emergency and Crisis Management Center (Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Dr. Najla Khoja is an accomplished executive leader with a dynamic and innovative approach. With over eighteen years of experience in the health sector, she has demonstrated exceptional skills in leadership, strategy planning, and project execution.

Currently serving as the Executive Director for the Emergency and Crisis Management Center at the Ministry of Municipality and Rural Affairs and Housing, Dr. Khoja has held various leadership positions, including Deputy Director for One Health and Acting Director for the Risk Department at the General Secretariat-National Risk Council, Royal Court. Her extensive expertise in risk assessment and resilience is complemented by her role as the Director of the Strategic Partnership Unit at the Health System Transformation Program (HSTP) under Vision 2030.

Dr. Khoja holds a certificate in Healthcare Executive Leadership (HEAL) and is a Harvard University alumnus with a certificate in Safety, Quality, Informatics & Health Leadership (SQIL). Her strategic initiatives align with the 2030 vision, focusing on One Health, SDGs, IHR, and Surveillance.