Timothy Conley

Founder and President, Interstate Disaster Medical Collaborative | Board Member, MedGlobal | Emergency Manager and Trainer, Mercy Hospital McHenry County

Timothy Conley is a seasoned emergency manager with expertise in fire services, EMS, and emergency management. He currently leads healthcare response and Hazmat/CBRNE training at Response Systems and works as an emergency manager for Mercy Health Care System. Timothy founded the Interstate Disaster Medical Collaborative, now a part of MedGlobal, where he serves on the Board of Directors and leads chemical weapons training programs.

Internationally, Timothy has provided crucial medical and hazmat training in Iraq, UAE, and Ukraine. In the US, he has served in critical roles during emergencies, including as planning section chief in Louisiana’s EMS Tactical Operation Center and in medical shelter operations during hurricanes.

Timothy has been involved in various state and federal emergency management committees and currently holds a key position in the Missouri State Disaster Medical Response System. His over 30 years of experience in emergency management have made him a respected figure in both domestic and international healthcare emergency management.