Dr. Kurt Anseeuw

Head of the Department of Emergency Medicine, Ziekenhuis Netwerk Antwerpen (ZNA)

Dr. Kurt Anseeuw, a graduate of Leuven University, holds specializations in Anaesthesiology, Emergency Medicine, and Critical Care Medicine. Currently directing the Department of Emergency Medicine at Ziekenhuis Netwerk Antwerpen (ZNA), covering 3 sites and handling an annual census of over 120,000 patients, he has a profound interest in Clinical Toxicology. Dr. Anseeuw serves as the current chair of the Clinical Toxicology Section of the European Society of Emergency Medicine and is a member of the Scientific and Meetings Committee of the European Association of Poison Centers and Clinical Toxicologists (EAPCCT). His contributions extend to teaching toxicology courses, engaging in research activities such as the EXTRIP working group, and boasting peer-reviewed publications across various clinical toxicology topics.