Dr. Rizwan Riyaz

Consultant Emergency Medicine University Hospital of Derby and Burton | Chair Toxicology SIG, Royal College of Medicine | Trust Toxicology Lead Royal Derby Hospital

Dr. Rizwan Riyaz is a pioneering Medical Toxicologist and Emergency Medicine (EM) Consultant in Pakistan, trained at Emory University, USA. He is the current Chair of the Toxicology Committee at the Royal College of EM, UK. Dr. Riyaz has presented nationally on Acute Thallium Toxicity and contributed a chapter on Cardioactive steroids in the AAEM/RSA Toxicology Handbook. He completed his EM training in the UK and has worked as a Major Trauma Center EM Consultant. Currently, he serves as an EM Consultant and Toxicology Lead at the University Hospital of Derby and Burton, Royal Derby Hospital, UK.