Dr. Nadeem Alduaij

Consultant, Emergency Medicine & Medical Toxicology | Research & Innovation Center, Department of Health (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) | Co-founder & Inaugural President, MENATOX

Dr. Nadeem Alduaij is a seasoned medical professional and Consultant in Emergency Medicine & Medical Toxicology at the Research & Innovation Center, Department of Health Abu Dhabi. He is also the Co-founder and Inaugural President of MENATOX, a prominent association in the field.

In his current role, Dr. Alduaij has spearheaded the establishment and management of the Poison and Drug Information Service at the Department of Health Abu Dhabi, showcasing his commitment to public health and safety.

With a clinical career spanning two decades and experiences across three continents, Dr. Alduaij has held leadership positions in Emergency Medicine and Medical Toxicology. His notable roles include Department Chair in Kuwait, Associate Chair in Switzerland, and Clinical Instructor at Harvard-affiliated hospitals in the United States.

Dr. Alduaij is recognized as the Founder of the Middle East & North Africa Clinical Toxicology Association, a leading group in the region. He earned his MD from Université de Genève and his MPH in Global Health Policy from Harvard University. His clinical training was completed at the Harvard-Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency (BIDMC) and the Harvard Medical Toxicology Fellowship. Dr. Nadeem Alduaij's contributions and leadership have made a significant impact on the advancement of Emergency Medicine and Medical Toxicology in the Middle East and beyond.